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Having an upset stomach is a drag, especially when coupled with the flu. Unfortunately, when you do ralph it, your teeth can be put at greater risk. Never fear, for you can counteract the problem fairly quickly.

The problem is the stomach acid, which is now in a place it is not technically supposed to be. The acid can weaken your enamel, especially with prolonged exposure.

Understandably, your first thought will be to clean it out with toothpaste and a toothbrush, but we suggest you wait a while before you do. Brushing moves the acid around instead of removing it. Try the following method first.

Try washing with some water that has about 1 tsp of baking soda. All you need to do is swish it around for while and spit it out. The stomach acid should be washed away by this, and the risk of weakening or harming your teeth should be reduced.

We also recommend that you wait about 30 minutes before you brush. This is actually good advice for when you eat or drink things that have some acidity to them, like citrus or soda.

We hope this little recipe will be beneficial to you. If you ever have an issue with your teeth, please come meet with us at Leon Springs Dental in San Antonio, Texas. You can rely on the services of our dentist, Dr. Carolyn Walker. Just call 210-698-1010 to let us know you are coming.