What stains teeth?

Over the course of your day-to-day life, your teeth naturally become stained and discolored. Lifestyle and eating habits all play a role. Among the multiple factors that can contribute to this are:

  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Fluorosis
  • Certain medications
  • Sugary and acidic foods
  • Dark-colored drinks, like coffee, tea and wine
  • Metal dental restorations

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening at Leon Springs Dental Center in San Antonio, Texas, is a cosmetic treatment designed to reverse stains and discoloration. We are proud to offer Venus In-Office Whitening for stunning results. The Venus teeth whitening system uses a special whitening gel that is applied directly to the surface of your teeth. As it sinks down into your tooth enamel, it automatically activates and bleaches away stains and discoloration. This process can be completed in as little as 1-2 hours and whitens your smile by multiple shades. If you would prefer, we also offer custom-made whitening trays for you to whiten your smile at home or pre-filled disposable gel trays. For a dazzling new smile, contact Dr. Walker, our talented dentist at Leon Springs Dental Center. We would be happy to schedule your teeth whitening consultation and help you achieve more radiance and brilliance with your smile.