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Are you familiar with dental veneers and the effect on your smile? Have you ever wanted a blank slate for your dental profile and the ability to craft and customize it the way you choose? With dental veneers, you can craft the smile you desire.

A variety of oral ailments can be protected with a set of veneers, including stains, fractures, cracks, chips, discolorations, split-teeth, and other forms of tooth damage. Dental veneers can also be used to correct minor alignment problems and size and spacing issues that may have occurred in your mouth. With dental veneers, you can enhance your self-esteem and promote a positive self-image that you can share with the world.

If a person has poor or unsightly teeth, their self-esteem will drop along with the number of smiles they have to give. Luckily, even some of the worst oral abnormalities can be concealed with dental veneers.  Dental veneers are small, thin shells that are attached to the fronts of teeth. They are designed to upgrade the look of your smile. With dental veneers, bad smiles can be erased and replaced with a top-notch smile makeover.

No matter the needs you require from your smile, our team at Leon Springs Dental can help. Dr. Carolyn Walker and our team can give you a comprehensive oral examination to determine which tooth restoration procedure is best for you and your oral health care needs. To schedule a visit to our dentist office in San Antonio, Texas, call us at 210-698-1010. We look forward to speaking with you soon!