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Flossing can be a difficult task to accomplish with kids. But to ensure they have healthy teeth and gums, we are going to give you some ways you can help your kids at home make flossing enjoyable.

Example is everything

One of the biggest ways you can help your child enjoy flossing is leading by example. Children typically learn from their parents, so it’s important to praise your children for their flossing. When you do this, you are allowing them to feel good about their decision to make flossing a habit in the future. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’re also flossing with your kids, keeping up with your own dental health.

Turn it into a game

Who doesn’t like turning something less exciting like flossing into a game? Kids are naturally imaginative so when you turn flossing into a dance party or adventure story, you are making it fun for them to enjoy.

Here’s an idea: Have your kids floss to the beat of a favorite tune.

With a little creativity, you can make flossing for your kids an enjoyable adventure they’ll want to keep doing for years to come.

Chart their progress

Kids want to feel appreciated for the work they’ve done. As a parent you can create a flossing/brushing chart to hang on the bathroom door. When your child successfully flosses or brushes their teeth every day, give them a sticker to place on the chart. As they continue to floss, give them an incentive or reward they can have after flossing for a certain amount of days, such as staying up later or going to a movie.

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