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Even though root canals are a highly advanced form of dental treatment, they are typically only used when all other options have been exhausted, and must be done to save a tooth. Root canal therapies work by removing the pulp of a tooth that has been injured beyond any hope of repair. Although the pulp is the life source of the tooth, sometimes it must be taken out if you wish to keep a tooth. Otherwise, the tooth would need to be extracted. For more information about root canals, consider the following:

– If a cavity has been neglected in a tooth, it can eventually decay your tooth down to your root and cause your tooth’s pulp in your root to become diseased. At this point, your pulp must be extracted via a root canal.
– If you have suffered an oral accident or injury that left you with broken or fractured teeth, the root of the teeth could be exposed and vulnerable. If the pulp is damaged or diseased, it must be removed.
– Some injuries can occur to teeth that are not easily visible, but damage to the pulp can still arise simply by bacteria seeping through to the root.
– If you have had multiple dental procedures on a tooth, the constant wear and tear and restoration to the tooth could leave it vulnerable to a pulp infection, which would then need a root canal.

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