What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin “shells” of porcelain that are bonded directly to the front of unsightly or damaged teeth to create a more perfect smile. Veneers are one of our most versatile cosmetic treatments available, and they can be used to repair a number of cosmetic dental flaws. With our custom-made dental veneers, your smile will look beautiful and feel natural. Veneers can even help your smile to function properly. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Carolyn Walker and Dr. Clarian Lannom, may suggest dental veneers in San Antonio, Texas, to:

  • Repair broken or chipped teeth
  • Straighten slightly crooked teeth
  • Whiten discolored teeth
  • Perfect irregular or misshapen teeth
  • Close large gaps between teeth
  • Make teeth look more balanced in length
  • Repair any dental trauma or accident

Your veneers are custom made for each tooth for a brilliant new smile.


How are veneers applied to teeth?

Dental veneers can generally be completed in one visit at our office, though sometimes they may require two visits.  Crafted by ceramists at a dental laboratory, your veneers are first designed at our office and then made from exact specifications measuring your facial shape, skin tone, and overall appearance. Once back at our office, we will cement the veneers onto the outer surface of your front teeth. When taken care of properly, dental veneers can last an average of twelve years. If you would like to transform your smile with veneers, contact Leon Springs Dental today at 210-698-1010. We would happy to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted.