What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are a common type of dental restoration used to treat cavities and other types of damage on your tooth enamel. Once decay is removed from your tooth’s surface, small depressions and empty spaces need to be filled in order to restore the strength of your smile. In the past, there were many types of materials used for dental fillings, such as metal and gold. Today, our experienced dentists are proud to offer white dental fillings in San Antonio, Texas, at Leon Springs Dental for a beautiful, natural-looking restoration.

What are white dental fillings?

White fillings are made from a plastic known as composite resin. Composite resin can be matched to your natural tooth color and bond with your original tooth structure for extra strength and durability. White fillings can be placed in just one visit to our dental office. Dr. Carolyn Walker and Dr. Clarian Lannom are committed to using the latest dental technologies to improve and take care of the overall health of your smile. If you would like more information on white dental fillings, we encourage you to contact our dental office today at 210-698-1010. We would be happy to help you schedule your appointment while answering any questions you may have.